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A Complete Guide to What is a Gifted Subs on Twitch

Do you want to lend your support to your favorite streamers on Twitch? Why not consider the option to gift subs to them? It sure will help them grow. Anyone can gift subs on Twitch. Yes, you are right. If you are a streamer looking to reward your best supporters, you can also surprise them with a gifted sub on Twitch.

What are Gifted Subs on Twitch?

If you are a regular on the Twitch platform, you might have already seen people gifting subs and wondered what they are. Gifted subs are typically 1-month subscriptions that a viewer can gift to a channel or a fellow user. You can gift for multiple months as well.

The recipient can enjoy all the perks of a subscription without paying the subscription cost. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Access to a chat room meant only for subscribers
  • A subscription-only feed is available.
  • Custom emotes in the chat that is otherwise available only to subscribers
  • Subscription Tenure Badge
  • Zero-ads streaming
  • Additional advantages as determined by the streamer

At the end of the trial period, they have the choice to continue with the regular subscription. 

Gifted subs on Twitch are the best approach one can take to express their gratitude towards another person. They are prioritized over donations, thanks to their effectiveness in expanding the community. 

How Much Does It Cost to Gift Subs on Twitch?

The cost of a gifted sub on Twitch is the same as that of subscribing for yourself. The rates vary depending on the tier you choose. 

For Tier 1, the amount is $4.99, Tier 2 costs $9.99, while it’s $24.99 for Tier 3. However, your location is a determining factor in deciding whether you have to pay additional taxes or not.

If you are in the mood to be overgenerous and want to gift more than one sub, then to know the overall cost, multiply the number of gifted subs you choose to gift with the expense of a single sub of the same tier. 

Cost of 50 and 100 Gifted Subs on Twitch

Many prefer gifting subs in bulks like 50 and 100 to show massive support if they are pleased with something. For example, 100 is the maximum limit of gifted subs you can gift at a time. For Tier 3, the number is further restricted to 40 gifted subs. 

Price of 50 Tier 1 sub gifts on Twitch – $249.50 

Cost of 50 Tier 2 sub gifts on Twitch – $499.50 

The prices of 100 gifted subs on Twitch will be double the expenses of 50 gift subs. 

As for 40 Tier 3 gift subs, the rate is 999.60.

Please note that the above figures do not include taxes, so you have to pay them separately per your location. 

Steps to Gift Subs on Twitch

There are no specific rules for selecting people. For example, you may gift subscriptions randomly or go for a specific someone. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Scroll to the right corner below the stream. Hit the “Subscribe” option if you have not subscribed yet. The “Gift a Sub” bottom will come next to that. You will be directed to the gift page straight away for those already subscribed.
  2. The default setting of the gifted subs on Twitch is community. If you have decided to gift a specific user, click the link of that person and make the selection.
  3. Choose from the Tier options and the number of gifted subs you want to opt for.
  4. If you wish to favor the viewer anonymously, check the box mentioned “Gift Anonymously”.
  5. Make the payment, and you are done. 

You will get the notifications on the chat soon. 


Is There A Monetary Benefit for Streamers From A Gifted Sub on Twitch?

Yes, streamers get money when you give a sub to someone. They receive 50% of the subscription cost while the rest goes to Twitch. 

Does Twitch Gift Subs Come With A Refund Option?

No, your payment is a one-time one, and you cannot ask for a refund after that. However, if there is a mistake or you sense fraudulent activity, then you should immediately contact Twitch. Please fill out the form on their Contact Us page or write an email at [email protected] Make sure you have sufficient material to support your case. However, it still does not come with a guarantee though. 

Are Gifted Subscriptions on Twitch Auto-renewable?

No, Twitch gift subs do not get renewed automatically. They last for a month unless you choose to gift someone for multiple months. After the expiry period, there will be no charges. Instead, the recipient will have to do the re-subscription themselves.

Can You Upgrade the Gifted Subscription to A Higher Tier?

Yes, you can always upgrade to a higher tier, but you can enjoy the advantages after the existing gifted subscription ends. However, if you want the added benefits immediately, you must cancel the ongoing one and subscribe to the upgraded tier. 

How to Receive Gift Subs on Twitch Frequently?

Gifting subscriptions is an individual choice. So, there is no fixed rule to getting more such gifts. However, following popular channels and staying active and supportive can increase your chances. 

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