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Best Streaming Software for Twitch

Live streaming is undoubtedly increasing nowadays, but even today, there isn’t any default streaming software that allows you to manage your streams on the go. 

You can’t just turn on your laptop or computer and manage your live streams. Having the correct streaming software is essential to help create appealing and engaging content.

Streaming software is essential in making your content stand out in the highest quality possible. Every software has basic features, including mixing, local recording, multiple sources for capturing webcam support, customization, etc.

With so many new streaming software being released, choosing the best one for your needs and requirements can be daunting.

To help you with that, we will cover some of the best streaming software for Twitch. Before we jump into them, it’s crucial to understand what you are looking for in streaming software.

What Is a Live Streaming Software? 

When people talk about live streaming software, they refer to a software encoding program that changes the video into a digital format that can be played on many devices. Many software encoders do more than just convert the video by providing high-quality video output, customization options, support for multiple inputs, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Streaming Software for Twitch

  1. Compatibility

Most live streaming software can work with almost every major streaming website. If you use other broadcasting platforms like Vimeo, Dacast, or Panpto, you should check whether the software you are going for is compatible.

  1. Features and Customization

Almost every streaming software offers the essential features to set up your content. For professional streamers, some services include additional benefits like alerts, chatbots, and live support to improve their streaming experience.

Whether you are looking to multistream to several platforms or want audio and video filters, it’s best to scope these out before choosing the best software.

  1. Pricing

The most popular streaming software is free but has additional locked features and improvements requiring a subscription. These features can significantly improve your streaming quality and make them stand out to viewers.

7 Best Streaming Software For Twitch

1. XSplit Broadcaster


24/7 support to assist streamers 

Multiple features for customization

Easy to setup

High-quality video recording


Windows only

The free version is limited to four scenes.

XSplit is best for twitch streamers looking for useful features and a dedicated support team to help them avoid any issues with their setup.

Streamers have the option to choose between a free and a premium version. The free version has all the essential features streamers need to make their streams crispy. And with the premium version, you can have more advanced features like multistreaming, early access to features, removing watermarks, and much more.

XSplit offers high-quality video recordings making it exceptional for creating the finest content. With this software, users can stream and record multiple outputs and use different recording profiles to stream multiple scenes simultaneously.

One huge benefit this software has over others is its 24/7 dedicated support team that helps streamers overcome any issues during their recordings. 

Another unique feature is the Xplit Gamecaster, which performs much like Twitch Studio and aims to set up streams quickly and efficiently.


A free version is available with limited features. To increase its functionality, you can get the premium version starting at $2.50 per month.

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2. OBS Studio


A ton of tools and features

Free to use

Support major streaming platforms


Not beginner friendly

Complicated interface

OBS Studio is one of the best open-source streaming software for content creators on Twitch. It allows you to stream to multiple sources, including gaming consoles, webcams, window recording, and much more. 

It has extensive features in audio editing, capturing high-quality content, and mixing. You can also make your streams sound better by using features like noise gates, noise suppression, etc.

The user interface may seem outdated compared to other software like Twitch Studio. Users have found it overly complicated and inconvenient. It’s suitable for streamers already familiar with the live-streaming software. 


OBS Studio is an open-source platform that is free for everyone.

3. Twitch Studio 


Simple and guided setup


It has many tools and features


Exclusive for Twitch streaming

Windows and Mac only

Twitch Studio is, without a doubt, the best streaming software for usability. With tons of customization options, everything is made to make streaming much simpler and more accessible. 

It automatically detects the best bitrate to save you from finding the correct resolution, framerate, and internet speed. It also offers built-in alert systems for followers, subscribers, donations, etc.

Twitch Studio also provides a streamlined setup experience to help beginners add different sources they will be using, such as their microphone, video sources, and webcam. 

A step-by-step guide, recommended settings, and automatic hardware detection allows you to make your streams look professional with little to no effort.


Twitch Studio is free to use for everyone.

4. Streamlabs Desktop


Multiple customization options 

Integrated alerts

User-friendly UI


Expensive premium subscription

High CPU usage 

Streamlabs is an all-in-one live streaming software that allows streamers to showcase their content on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. It also has many stream templates, overlays, and customization options to excite your streams.

One unique feature Streamlas provides in its app stores allows you to access several tools and add-ons, such as in-depth analytics and streaming automation. You can also put alert-boxed goals and notifications on your stream through their website.

Another compelling feature is its advanced dashboard that provides insights on your stream events, number of followers, and subscribers. It has widget themes available for different streams and visual layouts according to the type of content you want. 


For users on a limited budget, StreamLabs offers a free version. It also comes with extra add-ons and extras you can avail of for $12 per month.

5. vMix


4K recording output

Wide range of tools and features

Plenty of movie formats


Its Premium subscription is expensive.

Lacks smartphone compatibility

vMix is an excellent visual mixing service that allows all kinds of live streaming. It supports 4K high-quality video recording, and the excellent output makes it easy to create compelling content.

It comes in 5 different versions, each offering its unique features.  Some significant differences among these versions include overlays, maximum resolution, and the number of inputs. The more expensive ones also offer cool features like a 4-camera instant reply.

One feature that separates vMix is the wide range of available movie formats, including AVI and MOV. Features like 3D acceleration, animated titles, graphics, 13 different transition effects, and more allow you to personalize your streams as much as you want.

Easy social media integration, live chat and alerts, slow-motion replays, and pre-built templates help you quickly set up your streams.vMix is one of the most popular choices among streamers and content creators.


Starting with the “basic” free edition, which offers some standard features. The premium packages vary from $60 to $1200 for a lifetime license and $50 for a monthly subscription, each including features like guest accounts and customized playback choices. 

6. Lightstream


No installation required

Cloud-based streaming

Compatible with every operating system


No 4K streaming

Expensive monthly fee for high-quality recording

One of the best cloud-based streaming software on our list, Lightstream offers every essential feature within a browser window. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, it doesn’t use too many of your resources for stream encoding.

It allows you to create unlimited projects and supports live streaming on almost every major platform. Another significant benefit is that it allows console gamers to stream directly without needing a capture card.

Users who use Lightstream have two main plans, “Gamer” and “Creator,” which work depending on what type of audience you have.  The Gamer plan comes at a lower price and is suitable for console streams with overlays and alerts. And the Creator plan is perfect for those who want to experience more advanced live video broadcasting. 


The Gamer plan starts at $7/month, and the Creator plan costs $20/month, each offering different resolutions you want for your streams. The less you spend, the lower your Twitch streaming quality will be.

7. Wirecast


Allows several input types

4K resolution

Multi-bitrate streaming


Compatible with windows

Expensive subscription

Wirecast, developed by Telestream, is a groundbreaking streaming service that aims to simulate professional streaming quality. A highly adaptable and user-friendly interface to help you tailor your stream of entertainment. The plug-and-play convenience and lack of sophisticated encoding make setup a breeze.

Among the many tools included with Wirecast for improving the quality of your stream is a production kit for customizing the visual and auditory aspects of your broadcast. This package is more expensive than others, but it allows you to stream any content.

You may save your video feeds for later use with options like ISO recording. You’ll get access to a stock media library with videos, backdrops, and music and a multi-viewer environment where you may monitor multiple streams simultaneously.


A lifetime license starts from $60. There’s also a monthly subscription for $50 per month.


Selecting the best streaming software is essential to establish yourself as a professional live streamer. From several different options narrowing down the perfect one should be easy after going through our detailed guide. 

It’s essential to carefully choose the first one to help you get off to a good start. Once familiar with the key components, you can always expand your horizons by increasing its functionality or moving to another one.

Once you have decided on the broadcasting software and want to enhance your broadcasting capabilities, you may want to check out the best audio mixer for streaming.

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