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Top 10 Interesting Streaming Ideas to Entertain Your Audience

If you want to become a successful game streamer, get professional. You need to be innovative and make the streaming experience intriguing to your audience. Don’t forget that your viewers are a part of your global gaming community. 

Your viewers spend considerable time watching your live streams of games. Make your content more interesting and interactive for them. It can help you connect with your audience in real-time and make a lifelong relationship with them. 

Should you follow what other game streamers are doing or try something new? Obviously, the second option will click more. It’s because streaming your gaming session is a creative task and needs to be innovative. 

Top 10 Interesting Streaming Ideas to Follow in 2022

Here’s the list of interesting streaming ideas to follow in 2022 and create your own pool of loyal audiences:

1. Hold An Unplanned Live Streaming Session

The fun and thrill of streaming game sessions multiply when you do it without a plan. Though scheduling live streams is recommended, sometimes holding impromptu live streaming of your game can help you get new viewers. 

If you have interesting content to share, go live at a popular time slot. For example, you can hold your gaming session live on Sunday in the evening time when gamers are active. 

You will be surprised to see its impact of it on your audience. Try it, today!

2. Demonstrate Your Expertise and Knowledge

It’s always good to share your knowledge. If you’ve got something interesting to share with your audience, don’t shy away. You can share necessary tips, reviews, gaming ideas, and whatnot!

You can enlighten the community about how to set up audio-video devices for live streaming, collaborate with influencers, tips to get good scores in a particular game or interact live with the audience. 

You can also explain or analyze a relevant trendy news item, which can enhance the knowledge of your gaming community member.

3. Flaunt Your House

There’s nothing wrong with letting your game community have a glance at your house. Live stream your house tour and show off your room. Let them know about the equipment and tools you use for live streaming games. 

It’s fun to interact with your audience and strengthen your relationship with them. Live streaming a house tour is a good way of storytelling. You can also show your childhood prizes or memorabilia to help your audience know more about you.   

4. Perform A Creative Task

Live streaming is all about engagement. You can perform a live task online to intrigue your gaming community. You can do anything. For example, you can sing, laugh aloud, dance, and play musical instruments.

Whatever talents you have, make your audience happy. Many live streamers make millions of money by flaunting their talents and skills online.

5. Play Quiz And Ask Questions

Never underestimate the power of interaction. You can hold a Quiz contest or Q&A session to make your session more exciting. It can boost your interaction and engagement rate. 

Users would also love answering your questions as they get an opportunity to connect with you. Use the chat section on the screen to ask questions. Apart from asking game-related questions, you can also try asking open-ended ones like “What is your ambition in life?” 

6. Indulge In a Workout Session

Live streaming should be fun and spontaneous. Don’t make it boring and monotonous. You can engage in a workout session or teach a dance step to your audience. Be creative and try to do something new every single time you go live. Your gaming community will love it. 

7. Flaunt Your Cooking Skills  

You would love to demonstrate your cooking expertise (whatever you can) in front of a global community of gamers. At a live stream session, you can prepare a delicious dish/ recipe and teach your audience how to do it. 

Interested viewers may ask you relevant questions, and that’s how it can bolster your live streaming session and engagement rate. 

8. Outdoor Experience

Visit a nearby shop or go outside during a live streaming session to offer an outdoor experience to your audience. During a live streaming session, turn on your camera and give a glimpse of the interior of your favorite eatery or coffee shop to viewers. 

9. Dress Up As Your Favorite Character

You can dress up as your favorite movie or game character—batman, superman, or bumblebee in your next live stream session. It would be fun and challenging. It can surprise your viewers and keep them hooked.

You can also ask your viewers to send their feedback about your look and how they want you to dress up in your next stream. 

10. Launch A Fundraiser Event 

If you want to raise money for a cause you strongly believe in, live streaming a fundraising event can help. It can attract hundreds of generous people to your show. They can generously contribute whatever they can. 

You should use multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others to stream your fundraising event live.

Things To Avoid During A Live Stream

Here are things you shouldn’t do when live streaming: 

  • Don’t consume alcohol during a live show
  • Don’t spam your streaming link to other gaming communities.
  • Don’t stay silent. Try to interact with your audience.
  • Don’t talk about politics, or religion, or pass condescending remarks about any culture or language.
  • Don’t criticize other gamers and influencers.

In Conclusion 

As a professional gamer or game streamer, it’s your responsibility to offer the best streaming experience to your viewers. The more you engage and interact with your community, the better your engagement rate and revenue generation capacity. 

You need to work on it and brainstorm over how to make your show more interesting. Through trial and practice, you can try any of these above streaming ideas and see which one works best for you. Good luck!