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5 Best Streaming Background Ideas

Imagine you are on Twitch and come across a streamer sitting on his gaming chair with a white wall in the background. Would that make you stick around their streams longer?

One of the most crucial elements many new streamers need to pay more attention to is their streaming background. Having an aesthetic and eye-catching background makes viewers immersed in your content.

Taking out the time to make your streaming background look visually attractive is a great way to make viewers feel welcomed and comfortable. It also shows your viewers how much you value the quality of your streams.

In this article, we will look at why you should work on your streaming background and some of our favorite streaming background ideas. So let’s dive right into it.

Why Should You Make Your Streaming Background Better?

Backgrounds are essential to streaming video games and also for casually chatting with your viewers. For gaming, they can be used to create a sense of immersion as backgrounds allow you to focus on your gameplay better. 

A distracting background can ruin the streaming experience, making viewers leave your streams even if you are not playing video games.

It’s essential to make your streams welcoming for every viewer; for this purpose, backgrounds are perfect. They help set the right mood according to your stream and allow your viewers to experience professional streams.

5 Best Streaming Background Ideas

1. Shelving

This might sound simple, but it is one of the best for making your background look more appealing. Having shelves behind you is a great way to present your favorite items, allowing your viewers to connect with your personality.

Many streamers have their shelves filled with game collections, comic figurines, funko pops, and more. You can also add some of your items that fit the aesthetics of your stream and make a backdrop that makes you feel like yourself.

You can either get yourself a new shelve from many options on Amazon or build one from scratch. 

2. Merch and Promotional Material

Another great way to make your background stand out and use it as a marketing tool is by including sponsors, products, or your merch. For instance, Jeel_TV has Displate as a sponsor, a company that makes fantastic wall art printed on high-quality metal plates.

What makes this an effective method is that not only her background has eye-catching wall art, but she can also encourage her viewers to purchase their custom Displates.

Only some sponsorships are based on visuals like this, but if you have the right creative skills, you can quickly generate revenue from your sponsors. 

Another great example is Chessbrah, who has his merch line and uses a few samples and some attractive lighting to make his viewers into potential customers.

3. Add Background Lighting

Proper Lighting for your stream is one of the essential factors in taking your stream’s quality to the next level. When streaming, you always want your viewers to focus on you as the main subject, and a great way to add that effect is by using high-quality lighting.

When working with lighting, it’s best to keep these things in mind:

  • Try different angles when setting up your lighting to make your face look brighter
  • Use color temperatures that provide a sense of comfort in your streams
  • Purchase LED lighting that takes up less electricity

4. Consider Using a Green Screen

Green screens are one of the most common methods of making your streaming background different. Having a green screen gives you unlimited options to play around with. You can turn your green screen into a landscape on Mars, holiday destinations, battlegrounds, funny memes, and even show your gameplay.

They can also be a quick alternative to hiding messy rooms. This way, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your space before streaming. Just put your greenscreen up and make your viewers choose whatever background they want.

Here are some reasons why you should get yourself a green screen.

  1. Add virtual backgrounds to make your streams look professional
  2. You can showcase your gaming skills on a much larger scale
  3. Entertain and interact with your audience by letting them pick your background
  4. Replace dull environments with visually pleasing ones

5. Create a Theme

A lot of the time, being subtle and minimal can become boring, and that’s when you should plan on devoting a theme to your setup. For instance, If you are a big fan of the color pink, you can purchase pink peripherals, pink chairs, and even make the entire room pink. This way, your background would also match your overall setup. 

Themes are a great way to add your personality to your background. Your viewers connect with you in many ways, allowing them to interact and question things you love.


The most important rule of streaming is to review your streams based on how they appear on your viewers’ devices. Even if you have a great room, it can appear chaotic and dim when viewed online. So, look at what the audience sees in the stream and make your background according to that.

Hopefully, this list has given you some fantastic streaming background ideas. Let us know what your audience thinks the first day you go live with your new background. You’ll undoubtedly gain serious engagement if you add some of these ideas to your background.

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