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Privacy Policy

My top priority is maintaining your privacy. As a result, I have created this policy so that you know how I gather, use, share, and utilize personal information. Here is a summary of my privacy practices.

When you visit https://www.masterstreamer.com, the site will discover specific details about you.

Like other commercial websites, this website uses server logs and a common technology known as “cookies” to track how visitors use the site. The definition and use of cookies are explained below. In addition, information like your IP address, the pages seen, the date and time of visits, the amount of time spent on this site, and the websites visited before and after mine can be collected by cookies and server logs.

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are temporary text files that each have a different anonymous identity. Whenever you access a Web page, the site’s computer will ask permission to store this data in a section of your hard drive reserved specifically for cookies. In addition, if your browser’s preferences permit it, each website may send its cookie to your browser. However, to protect your privacy, your browser only allows websites to access the cookies that it has already sent to you and not the cookies that have been sent to you by other websites.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are used whenever your computer is linked to the Internet. Your computer’s IP address is a number that other network computers use to recognize. The web server automatically gathers IP addresses as part of the demographic and profile information known as “traffic data” to send you data.

Email Information

If you choose to communicate with me via email, I might keep track of the messages’ contents, your email address, and my replies. I offer the same safeguards for these electronic communications as for maintaining data obtained via the phone, mail, and online. It also works if you make a purchase on this website, sign up through any of our forms or register for the website using your email address. Please refer to the email policies listed below for more details.

How Do I Use The Information That You Provide?

I utilize personal information to manage business operations, provide customer service, and make various products and services available to existing and potential clients.

If you choose not to share, I won’t ask you for any personally identifying information when you visit my website. In addition, I will neither sell nor otherwise transmit your information to unaffiliated parties without your consent at the time of collection.

I may release information if required by law to do; if I think doing so is required by the law or is necessary to preserve my legal rights.

Email Policies

Your email address will be private at all times. I won’t rent, sell, or lease my subscriber lists to outside parties, nor will I disclose your personal information to a person, business, or government organization unless required by law.

I will only use your email address to provide you with current information.

I will also keep the data sent in your email following federal laws.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

All emails from me will identify who the email is from and include information on how to get in touch with the sender, per the CAN-SPAM Act. All emails will also include clear instructions on unsubscribing from my mailing list, ensuring you never get emails from me again.


By reading the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of any email they receive from me, users of my site will always have the option to choose not to receive communications from me.

By clicking the unsubscribe link in the email, those who no longer want to receive the newsletter or promotional materials can choose not to receive them.

https://www.masterstreamer.com may cite links to external websites. I cannot vouch for the integrity of any information on any linked website. Links to or from outside websites that are not under the control of or owned by do not imply an endorsement by or any of its employees of the organizations behind those websites or of the materials they contain.

By using this website, you accept all applicable laws and regulations, its Terms and Conditions of Use, and the responsibility for adhering to any local laws that may be in force in your area. If you disagree with these terms, you are not permitted to use or access this website. In addition, this website’s contents are shielded by relevant copyright and trademark laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

The ownership of all copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in and to this website and all material and software found here shall stay with me. Therefore, without prior written consent, you may not utilize any of my intellectual property, including my trademarks.

You must not:

  • Republish content from our website without my express written permission.
  • Offer this website’s content for sale or rental.
  • Make duplicates, replicate, or make derivative works from, copy, use or copy material from this website.
  • Republish any of my website’s material, including on a different website.

Acceptable Use

Acknowledge that your use of this website must be lawful and must not interfere with anybody else’s use or enjoyment of the site or violate their rights. Harassing or annoying any other user, sending pornographic or objectionable content, or interfering with the natural flow of conversation on this website are prohibited.

You must not send unsolicited commercial emails using this website. In addition, without prior written consent, you must not use any website content for marketing-related purposes.

Restricted Access

I may, in the future, need to restrict access to parts (or all) of my website and reserve full rights to do so. Therefore, if, at any point, I provide you with a username and password to access restricted areas of this website, you must ensure that both your username and password are kept confidential.

Use Of Testimonials

Please be aware of the following in compliance with the FTC’s rules on the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising:

The reviews that can be seen on this website were submitted as text, audio, or video. They are unique experiences corresponding to people who have utilized these goods or services in the real world. They are unique outcomes, and they do differ. I do not assert that these represent expected outcomes. The testimonies may not accurately represent all of the people who will buy goods and use services.

The testimonies posted on this website in any format (text, audio, video, or another) are copied exactly, except for any grammatical or typing errors. Perhaps I condensed some. In other words, whether the message seems too long or irrelevant for the general public, not the entire message received by the testimonial writer is displayed.

Any opinions or comments made on https://www.masterstreamer.com are not the responsibility of Master Streamer. All testimonials are only displayed after my administration has approved them to prevent misuse. The opinions are solely the views of the testimonial source. I do not share the opinions, views, or commentary of any testimonials on https://www.masterstreamer.com.

The testimonies are never meant to imply that you can use our services or products to treat, diagnose, prevent, or alleviate any condition. Any implicit or explicit assertions of this nature have not undergone clinical testing or evaluation.

How I Protect Your Information And Secure Information Transmissions

Email is not acknowledged as a secure communication channel. Hence, I ask that you refrain from emailing any private information to me. However, you are free to do so at your own risk. Some of the data you could enter on this website might be sent securely via Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, a secure transmission method. Email is never used to send sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Summary statistics may be generated by software programs used by https://www.masterstreamer.com to assess factors like the volume of visitors to the various parts of our site, the most and least interesting information to users, technical design requirements, and system performance or trouble spots.

It employs software to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload material, modify information, or cause harm. It is done for site security purposes and to guarantee that this service is available to all users.

Disclaimer/ Limitation Of Liability

Master Streamer gives no claim, guarantee, or assurance regarding the correctness, timeliness, or completion of the information found on this website or any sites linked to it.

Without any express or implied guarantee of any kind, including non-infringement of intellectual property, warranty of non-merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, all the materials on this website are supplied “as is.” In no event will I be liable even if it has been informed of the possibility of such loss or damages (including, without limitation, loss of information, damages for loss of profits, injury, business, or death) resulting from the use of or inability to use the materials.

Policy Changes

This privacy statement is subject to change at any time, with or without notice. However, be assured that even if the privacy statement changes in the future, I won’t use the personal data you’ve given us under this privacy statement in a way that materially violates it without first getting your permission.

To preserve and uphold the confidentiality of personal information, I am committed to acting per these principles.

Get in Touch

Please contact me with queries about this policy or your interactions with my website.

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