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How to Unfollow on Twitch – Brief Steps

Cutting down the list of channels you no longer find entertaining can play a significant role in enhancing your twitch viewing experience and the overall exploration of the platform.

When you go through your following, there’s a big chance that there are several creators you don’t enjoy anymore. In cases like these, it’s time to clean up your twitch dashboard to make it more accessible to creators you want to support.

Unfollowing a creator isn’t some rocket science. All you need to do is click one button, and that creator will no longer pop up on your feed. 

This article will look closely at how to unfollow a channel on Twitch using your smartphone or Mac and why people unfollow.

How to Unfollow on Twitch Using a Smartphone

Twitch users usually use smartphones or mobile devices to engage with the streamer or to watch their stream.

If you are thinking about unfollowing a particular channel on Twitch using your smartphone, the steps below can assist you:

  • First of all, open the Twitch app on your smartphone. 
  • Log in to your Twitch account with your username and password.
  • Open your following list by pressing the button at the bottom of your screen. 
  • By pressing it, you will see how many channels you have followed in the live section.
  • Here, choose the creators that aren’t engaging anymore and press the heart icon to remove them from your following.

How to Unfollow Using Windows or Mac on Twitch

While using the Twitch app, you might realize that you have been following many channels and not engaging with them.

If you want to unfollow any channel on Twitch using Windows or Mac, try implementing the following things:

  • Open the Twitch website on your desktop. There is also an application of Twitch that is available for desktops. 
  • You will see a Twitch logo on the top left side. There is the following button next to it. Click that button. 
  • After clicking that button, you will view your following. Scroll down for the channels you want to unfollow. 
  • When you find the channel you want to unfollow click on it, and there will be a heart icon on the bottom left of the channel’s profile. 
  • When you click that, it will turn into a broken red heart. 
  • That red heart shows that you have unfollowed that channel.  

Reasons Why Viewers Unfollow Creators 

  1. Channel Is Not Providing Thrill

Content not liked by followers is a significant reason for unfollowing. If a follower does not enjoy the creator’s content because it doesn’t provide the thrill the user is looking for or needs a change in the gaming style, they will most likely unfollow it.

  1. Schedule

If a streamer makes content at a time that doesn’t match with the user’s watching time, there’s a big chance they might unfollow. 

  1. Controversial Talks

Your viewers can unfollow you if you are involved in controversial talks or comments that a follower doesn’t like.

  1. Notifications

If followers become irritated by the channels’ notifications, they might unfollow the streamer rather than turn off their notifications. 

  1. No Follow Back

Followers may unfollow the Twitch streamer because they don’t get follow back from the streamer.  

How Do You Find Your Following List on Twitch?

If you are new to twitch and want to know how to access the creator dashboard to see your followers. Here’s a quick rundown to make it easier:

  • Log in to twitch and click your profile logo on the top right corner.
  • Search for the Creator Dashboard and click it.
  • Once in the creator dashboard, look for “Community.”
  • Here, there will be a “Followers List” section. Click on it.
  • All the people who follow you will be on your screen.


1. How Can I Disable My Channel Notification?

You might feel like shutting down a channel’s notification due to frequent notifications. If you like a streamer and see their streams every day but want to get rid of the channel’s notification, it better you implement these:

  • Go to the channels page or profile.
  • Click on the bell icon and turn the notification off. 
  • By doing this, you will not receive any notification from that channel without unfollowing the streamer.

2. How Can I Unfollow a Particular Category?

There are many categories of streams to watch on Twitch. But only some categories provide value to each individual.

If you don’t want to see a particular category on Twitch, or it’s against your guideline, or for any other reason, follow these:

  • Go to Twitch and select the “following” option.
  • Under the following option, select “categories.”
  • Once there, choose any category you don’t want to follow anymore.
  • Lastly, click the heart icon to unfollow that particular category.

3. How Can You Remove Followers on Twitch?

The streamer’s leading source of income is their followers! If some followers pass nasty comments in the comment section, removing them will be a good idea. 

Here are some ways to remove followers on Twitch:

  • Open the Commander Root Tool and press Login Via Twitch. 
  • You will need to press authorize to give access to Commander Root to ensure that no one is stealing your information.
  • After performing the above steps, you will see a followers list on your display screen. 
  • Click the Redbox next to the user you want to remove from your following.
  • Next, click the Remove the Follower option, and you are good to go. 


Unfollowing on Twitch should be straightforward after reading this detailed article. But whom to follow and unfollow is your choice.  You can also follow someone again if you second-guess your decision to unfollow. All you have to do is click on that purple heart icon again to support that creator.  

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