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How to Set Up Text-to-Speech Twitch

If you are a modern streamer and have yet to hear of the text-to-speech feature in Twitch, then you are missing out on a part that can boost your streaming performance to the next level.

Balancing your game and chat is the most challenging aspect of streaming. If mishandled, the audience would interpret this as ignorant behavior towards them, risking your reputation and the number of viewers.

To help you with that, Twitch offers a text-to-speech functionality that helps streamers find a balance between the game and the audience’s feedback.

This article is going to cover various components of the text-to-speech feature in Twitch. After going through this comprehensive guide, you can easily align text-to-speech to your broadcast.

What Is Twitch Text to Speech

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a machine translation method that converts text units into speech bits for audio presentation while streaming. It is an intriguing tool that can enhance audience participation and encourage users to send interactive texts and alerts.

Twitch Text-to-speech allows streamers to pick an Artificial voiceover from a collection of 50+ unique voices in various languages. As a result, broadcasters could connect with their audience by reading messages aloud or cracking jokes.

Importance Of Text-to-Speech Twitch 

  1. TTS motivates more viewers to make subscriptions and donations. By enabling text-to-speech features, viewers would donate more to ensure that the broadcaster hears their message.
  1. Text-to-speech also assists streamers if they are broadcasting VR games and cannot watch their Twitch messages while using a VR headset.
  1. A TTS bot can improve your streaming experience by reading specific chats out loud, enhancing the overall host-audience interaction.

Why Use Text-To-Speech on Your Twitch Channel

As a streamer, you will likely encounter a language barrier. However, Some Text-to-speech bots offer multilingual support and even allow on-screen message translation. For instance, translation from German to English allows viewers worldwide to communicate with streamers.

Being a competitive creator, you should experiment with various features. Text-to-speech is no different, as it offers you an edge over other streamers and makes your stream overlay more innovative because many other broadcasters are still unfamiliar with this functionality.

How to Use Twitch Text-to-Speech 

1. StreamLabs

  1. Login into StreamLabs and navigate to Essentials on the left dashboard.
  1. Now, select “Alert Box” from the drop-down list. 
  1. Select the button you wish to add to TTS.
  1. Select the tab, scroll down to “Text to Speech,” and enable it.  
  1. You can change other settings according to your requirements.
  2. Once you’ve finished customizing, copy the widget’s URL and paste it into the relevant streaming software.
  1. In our case, we’re using OBS studio.
  2. Once OBS Studio has launched, click the “+” button in “Sources.”
  1. Select “Browser” from the menu.
  1. Paste the URL and Click “OK.”

The stream overlay will display the TTS pane allowing you to enjoy your favorite games confidently and robustly.

2. Speed Chat

Streamers can also use a third-party plugin to add text to speech, such as speed chat.
Here’s a quick rundown to enable Speed Chat 

  1. Visit the speed chat website and connect your Google account.
  1. When done, click the SpeechChat icon in the page’s upper right corner. Select “Control Panel” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Once you reopen the control panel, you’ll find four separate tabs to select TTS settings for Twitch. (Chat tab, Voice tab, Events tab, User group tab).
  2. Ensure that the Enable speech option is checked under Control Panel > Voice.
  1. You can modify the shortcut key for turning on TTS and the adequate voice type under the Voice tab.
  1. You can choose how text is read to you under the Chat tab.
  1. Under the Events tab, you can modify parts of the speech playback content for in-chat events like followers, subscribers, and donations.

3. StreamElements

StreamElements is a powerful collection of related tools designed to enhance your stream. It is cloud-based, so you can initiate your TTS setup from any location using any device.

  1. Log into StreamElements and select “Streaming Tools” on the left sidebar.
  1. Then, choose “Overlays” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Next, click on “Create New Overlay.”
  1. Then, select “Add Widget.” or click on the + icon.
  1. Head to “Alerts” and select “Alert Box” from the menu.
  1. Choose settings, and then click on the gear icon of the tab you want to modify.
  1. From here, scroll down to “TTS settings” and enable it.  
  1. You can also adjust the tone, choose your voice, set delays, and more.
  2. Copy the overlay URL and navigate to your streaming software.
  1. In our case, we’re using OBS studio.
  2. Once OBS Studio has launched, click the “+” button in “Sources.”
  1. Select “Browser” from the menu and paste the TTS link. Hit Apply. 

Text to Speech on Twitch: Best Practices

Firing up TTS has the power to make or break a streaming endeavor. This would attract more donations, subs, and joys to keep streamers and spectators entertained. Yet, there are several hacks you can implement to perk up your streaming campaign.

  1. Brainstorm a unique and creative customizing approach to take control of your streams and avoid spam.
  2. Award loyal subscribers with channel points to establish long-term support with them.
  3. Try choosing the right TTS voice to enable your audience to keep up with you.
  4. Adjust the minimum donation threshold for text-to-speech usage to prevent spam or trolls. One dollar is a great price to encourage subscribers to support your channel.
  5. Another thing to consider is blocking offensive words that might provoke any party.


Even though Twitch offers a ton of features, the text-to-speech feature has the potential to be a game-changer for streamers. When deployed at the right moments and in the right way, it can significantly influence the stream and the audience’s experience.

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