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How to Get Sponsored on Twitch

Becoming a successful Twitch streamer means you’ll have more opportunities to monetize your channel. But how can smaller channels get sponsored without having an established following?

This article dives into how Twitch streamers can receive sponsorship chances no matter how large their audience is and what to do to find the ideal sponsor for a long-lasting sponsorship.  

What is a Twitch Sponsorship

Firstly, a sponsorship is an agreement between a brand and a Twitch streamer in which the brand pays the streamer to promote their products or services on Twitch. This can include product placement in your stream to shoutouts during your broadcasts.

Getting sponsored on Twitch can be a great way to earn extra income and support your favorite streamers. Many content creators on Twitch dream of getting sponsored by a big brand or company. While it may seem like a pipe dream, there are many ways to make it happen!

How to Get Sponsors on Twitch?

1. Create a Sponsorship-Ready Channel

Mostly streamers just throw random stuff in their info section, which is not a good idea. Instead, your goal as a streamer should be to create your channel in such a presentable way that brand owners and viewers get impressed. 

Just imagine! If a brand owner comes to your channel and sees the randomly thrown graphics, it makes you look amateur. On the contrary, when your channel looks organized and professional, you create a solid impression on those who visit your channel.

Here are some ways to make your channel look professional and inviting: 

  • Impressively create graphics. 
  • Leave easy communication means, like DMs open and business email address info.
  • Don’t leave your overlay cluttered with too much info.

2. Plan and Manage Your Twitch Channel Like a Business

Just like you won’t like to lose after an investment, neither do brand owners! 

Brand owners look for streamers who they think will earn them profit rather than lead them to lose. 

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting sponsored:

  • Be consistent with your streaming schedule.
  • Respect other viewers and streamers.
  • Respect all of your commitments.
  • Play by the rules of the streaming platform.

3. Build a Strong Community

Engaging with your viewers enables them to trust you more. That’s how business works!

Brand owners look for streamers who have a strong community. 

To build yourself a strong community, try implementing these:    

  • Connect with your viewers.
  • Gain their trust and affection.
  • Create a positive environment.

If you want to get sponsorships on Twitch, connect with your audience in ways like:

  • Play games with your audience now and then.
  • Arrange gaming challenges on Discord.
  • Collaborating with other streamers on multi-stream events
  • Organizing watch parties for major events or gaming tournaments
  • Putting together community competitions with prizes

4. Stream Top-Notch Content

It is a fact that good quality attracts more customers!

If we see it in the streaming context, if you focus on good quality, you’ll attract more followers and, ultimately, sponsors.

That time is long gone when brands approach streamers based on the number of followers on your channel. Now, what matters most is your content. And if you have an excellent viewer count, that’s a big plus!

Good quality content will help you start the best conversations with brands about sponsorship.

The pros of streaming top-notch quality content are:

  • New followers to your channel.
  • Increase in your view percentage.
  • More potential opportunities.
  • More chances of sponsors.

Twitch offers the opportunity to chat with your viewers while streaming. So, what are you waiting for? Use it to engage with your followers.

5. Make a Habit of Cold Pitching via Email

The best way to start communication with the brand is via email. Sending emails to targeted brands and companies is more professional. While cold pitching, you can try out these simple steps:

  • Include a brief intro about yourself as a creator on Twitch.
  • Include the viewer’s count, info about the content they like, and demographics.
  • Include details about how you want to collaborate.
  • End the email with a brief thank you note.

Where to Look For Twitch Sponsors?

Find the companies whose commodities are linked to content or passion. Influencers and businesses have the best sponsor partnership between them. 

If you have a good community of followers and good feedback on your content, you don’t have to wait for sponsors to approach you. You can approach and convince sponsors according to your needs with a perfect written proposal.  

  • Sponsorship Connection Services

Many services bring streamers and sponsors to the same place, typical of which is connection service. The streamer and sponsor meet by filling out an information form on that software and the rest of the software handles.

  • Power Spike

It is an example of a connection service where your followers and viewers attract sponsors on the Twitch channel. Through this, companies can also approach their favorite influencer who fulfill their needs, aims, and pay. This software will also verify the payment method. Power Spike will ensure that the sponsors pay you for your services.

  • Reach Out to Your Favourite Brands

Another way to look for sponsors is to search for brands that align with your values and interests. For example, if you’re passionate about environmental causes, you might approach companies that produce eco-friendly products.

If you’re a big fan of a specific energy drink, you should reach out to see if they’d be interested in sponsoring your Twitch channel. You might be surprised at how receptive they are!


Getting sponsored on Twitch can be a great way to earn extra income and make streaming a full-time job. Sponsors are more likely to invest in streamers who already have a dedicated audience. You should also be consistent in your streaming schedule and regularly distribute high-quality content.

Interact with your viewers and build up a strong community around your channel. If you can do all these things, you’ll be well on becoming a sponsored Twitch streamer!

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