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Twitch Emotes: How to Create and Use Them

Welcome to the topic Twitch Emotes: How to Create and Use Them.

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you already know the importance of connecting with your audience. Twitch emotes are a great way to do that! Emotes are small images or animations that can be used in chat to express a specific emotion or reaction.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how to create and use Twitch emotes.

What are Twitch Emotes?

Twitch emotes are custom-made images or animations that streamers can use to interact with their audience. These emotes are displayed in the chat section of a Twitch channel and can be used by both the streamer and the viewers.

They can be anything from a simple smiley face to a complex animation. Emotes are an excellent way to express emotions, reactions, and even memes within a chat.

Emote Design Tutorial

Creating Twitch emotes may seem daunting at first, but it’s relatively easy with the right tools and a bit of creativity. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create Twitch emotes.

  1. Choose a design software – There are many design software options available to create your emotes, including Photoshop, GIMP, or Procreate. Choose one that you’re comfortable with.
  2. Determine the emote size – Twitch emotes come in three sizes: 28×28, 56×56, and 112×112 pixels. Make sure your design fits within the chosen dimensions.
  3. Sketch out your design – Use your chosen design software to sketch out your emote. Consider the emotion or reaction you want to convey and ensure the design aligns with your channel’s branding.
  4. Refine your design – Once you have your initial sketch, refine your design by adding color, shading, and other details.
  5. Export your emote – Save your design as a PNG file and ensure the background is transparent.
  6. Upload your emote to Twitch – In your Twitch dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab and click on “Emotes.” Here, you can upload your emote and assign it a name and tier level.

Best Emotes for Twitch

Twitch emotes can be anything from a simple face to a complex animation, but some types are more popular than others. Here are some of the best emotes for Twitch:

  • Reaction emotes – These emotes are used to express a specific emotion or reaction, such as PogChamp or Kappa.
  • Mascot emotes – Mascot emotes feature a character or image that represents the streamer or their brand, such as Ninja’s “Ninjashyper” emote.
  • Memes – Memes are often used in Twitch chats, and creating an emote from a popular meme can be a great way to connect with your audience.
Twitch Emotes: How to Create and Use Them

How to Add Custom Emotes to Your Twitch Channel

Adding custom emotes to your Twitch channel is easy. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Twitch dashboard and click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on “Emotes” and select “Upload Emotes.”
  • Choose the emote you want to upload, and make sure it meets the size and format requirements.
  • Assign a name and tier level to your emote.
  • Click “Submit” to add your emote to your channel.

Pros and Cons of Twitch Emotes

Like any tool or feature, Twitch emotes have both pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of Twitch emotes:


  • Emotes help build a community and foster a sense of belonging among viewers.
  • Custom emotes can help promote your brand and increase brand recognition.
  • Emotes can help make chat more engaging and interactive.
  • Using emotes in chat can help break the ice and make new viewers feel welcome.


  • Creating custom emotes can be time-consuming and require design skills.
  • Overusing emotes can be distracting and make chat hard to follow.
  • Emotes can be misused or taken out of context, leading to misunderstandings or hurt feelings.
  • Too many emotes can make chat cluttered and overwhelming.


Q: How many emotes can I have on my Twitch channel?

A: The number of emotes you can have on your Twitch channel depends on your subscription tier. Twitch Partners can have up to 50 emotes, while Twitch Affiliates can have up to 10 emotes.

Q: What file format should I use for Twitch emotes?

A: Twitch emotes should be saved as PNG files with a transparent background.

Q: Can I use copyrighted images or characters for my emotes?

A: No, it’s not recommended to use copyrighted images or characters for your emotes as it can lead to copyright infringement issues.

Q: How do I add custom emotes to my Twitch channel?

A: To add custom emotes to your Twitch channel, you’ll need to first design your emote and save it as a PNG file. Then, go to your Twitch Dashboard, select “Settings”, and then “Emotes”. From there, you can upload your emote and give it a name.

Q: Can I use the same emote on multiple Twitch channels?

A: No, you can’t use the same emote on multiple Twitch channels. Emotes are unique to each channel and can only be used by subscribers of that channel.

Q: Can I sell my emotes to other Twitch streamers?

A: Yes, you can sell your emotes to other Twitch streamers, but it’s important to make sure that you have permission to use any copyrighted images or characters in your emotes.

Q: What size should my Twitch emote be?

A: Twitch emotes should be 28×28 pixels for standard emotes, 56×56 pixels for HD emotes, and 112×112 pixels for FHD emotes. Emotes should also be under 25KB in size.

Final Words

Twitch emotes are an essential tool for any Twitch streamer looking to connect with their audience.

Creating custom emotes requires a bit of creativity and design skills, but the result is worth it. Choose emotes that align with your channel’s branding and consider popular emote types, such as reaction emotes, mascot emotes, and memes.

Remember to follow Twitch’s emote size and format requirements and respect copyright laws when using someone else’s emote. With the right emotes, you can help build a strong community and make your Twitch channel a welcoming and engaging place for viewers.

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