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How to change the Name Color on Twitch? 

You’re streaming games on Twitch means you want to be recognized in your community. Twitch provides you with that uniqueness by allowing you to keep the color of your username different from others, resulting in your brand. 

Interestingly, you’ll get many color options on the platform to showcase your username differently to your audience. 

Suppose you want to change the color of your username on Twitch anytime but don’t know how to change that. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you change your name color on Twitch using multiple devices and options. So, let’s move ahead with the steps to change the name color on the streaming platform. 

What are the options to change the name color on Twitch? 

There are 15 color options for beginners or regular users. However, if you don’t like any color out of the given options, you will have to switch to Twitch turbo or the prime gaming version of the Twitch streaming platform. 

  • Twitch Turbo 

If you purchase Twitch turbo, you will get multiple username color options. Additionally, you can watch all the streams without wasting time watching ads.

  • Twitch Prime ( Prime Gaming) 

By subscribing to Twitch Prime, you can change the color to your username. Here, you can change the username color through the hex color code. Further, It gives you some cool features like a monthly subscription to one Twitch channel. 

How To Change Twitch Name Color in Settings If you are a Prime Gaming User?

To customize the name color of your Twitch account, we’re sharing steps here; follow them, and you’ll be able to change the name color on profile settings. 

  • Log in to your Twitch account, and explore your profile pic on the top right of your desktop screen.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and open settings.
  • Now open the Prime Gaming tab. The chat color section will allow you to change the username color as per your wish since it will show in the chat.
  • You’ll see the color block and scale. Select the color you want or type the hex color code in the given option.
  • Once you select the color, click to confirm color to trigger the name color changing signal to the website.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and you will see your name color changed.

How to Change Your Name Color in Twitch Chat? 

If you’re watching your favorite stream and want to change the color of your username on Twitch, you can change it without any hassle. Instead, follow the steps below right away. 

  • Go to the chat box while watching a live stream on your favorite Twitch channel.
  • Type /color and enter to get color options. Here, you will see [color]
  • Replace the bracket with the color name of your choice or hex code of your fav color in case you have a prime or turbo account.
  •  Then click to send a message, and wait for a few seconds. Then, your name color is changed.

Color Options for Free Accounts 

Not interested in getting a prime or turbo account for Twitch? Don’t worry. You can still change the name color, given that there are limited color options. 

These limited color options include rainbow colors. In addition, you will see hot pink, firebrick, orange-red, blue-violet, chocolate, cadet blue, coral, sea green, yellow-green, spring green, dodgerblue, goldenrod, and color options for the name. 

However, if you type the color name that doesn’t exist, you will get an invalid parameter error. And it will display you the list of existing colors to choose from. 

How to Change Twitch Name to White?

Do you want your name to be invisible to other normal Twitch users having white background? 

Here is how you can change your username color to white. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable for regular users because you must change the color using hex code to make it white.

To change the color to white, go to chat or profile settings and explore the hex code option. Here, type the hex code for white color as #FFFFFF. 

How to Change Your Name Color to Black?

Similar to the white color, are you looking to hide your username from people using a dark screen? Go to chat or profile settings and explore the hex code option. Hex code for the black color is #000000, type it and proceed further. 

How to Change Other User’s Twitch Names to Readable Colors?

Since you’ve multiple color options for the username which are not readable, Twitch made it handy for streamers to change the username colors of others to read them comfortably. So the procedure to change those colors is right here. 

  • Log in with your Twitch account on your device.
  • Hit the setting icon and open the chat appearance tab from the menu. 
  • Turn the readable colors option on, which will change the username color of others, and you can resume chatting with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Your Twitch Name Glow?

Unfortunately, this option has been disabled by Twitch, but the username glow feature was a limited one offered by Better Twitch TV. 

How to Change Your Twitch Name Color on Mobile? 

No rocket science exists in changing name color on the Twitch platform using the mobile device. Instead, you have to follow a simple additional step for it. And that is in browser settings, where you must enable the desktop site once you open Twitch on the mobile browser. The rest of the process is the same as mentioned above in the article. 

The Final Verdict 

We’ve tried to cover all possible queries to help you change your name color on Twitch. There is no rocket science, but it is convenient to change the color. You have to follow the steps mentioned, and you will be able to change the color close to your heart.

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