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How to Rewind Twitch Streams – 4 Simple Methods

Plenty of handy dandy streaming platforms, like Facebook Live and Youtube, allow viewers to rewind the current stream. Unfortunately, Twitch has never been one of the

Let’s assume you missed a hilarious spot on the current Twitch stream and want to rewatch it. You are trying hard to figure out what to do while bashing your head off the wall.

On Twitch live streams, There’s no such thing as a “rewind” option. Twitch does not allow you to jump randomly on a timeline during real-time streaming. Yet, there are a couple of ways for Twitch users to catch a glimpse of the live stream they are viewing.

In this article, we will dive into some alternatives on how to rewind Twitch streams that could make or break your viewing experience.

How to Rewind Twitch Streams

1. Movie Icon

Viewers can watch or capture the stream by clicking the movie symbol in the lower-right corner of the video broadcast. Under this option, you can only view or record the current stream’s last 1 minute and 26 seconds.

  1. First, click on the movie icon. 
  1. You will be forwarded to a new browser window that contains 1 minute and 26 seconds of the real-time stream.
  1. By dragging the timeline bar, you can change the length of the video.
  1. There’s also an option to add a title of your choice.
  1. Streamers can share the video with their followers by pressing the “Publish” button.
  1. You can also copy the link or navigate to the “Videos” tab to view your clip, among many others.

However, some streamers won’t let you utilize this option. So, if you are trying to create a clip of a professional streamer, there’s a good chance they have this option turned off.

2. Replaying After the Stream Ends

If you arrive late to a Twitch stream but want to watch it from the beginning, This is something you can try.

Most of the time, that specific channel’s “videos” section will allow you to access recent live streams. Since they are recorded videos on the streamer’s channel rather than live streaming, these streams are frequently referred to as VODSs (video on demand).

These VODs can be found invaluable to both streamers and their audiences. Even when streamers are not online, they can still have content on their channels. When it comes to the audience, It enables them to sync up on missed streams.

Usually, The most recent VOD is the one that is currently being broadcasted. You can navigate through the feed by clicking on that to choose the content you wish to watch.

VODs do have some ins and outs, though. You must first subscribe to the streamer’s channel to see their VOD content. It’s one of the strategies used by streamers to get people to subscribe to their Twitch channel.

Here are some points on how to use a VOD.

  1. First and foremost, browse the channel where you want to see replays.
  2. Navigate to the “Videos” tab to view all highlights of previous streams.
  1. When you click on the VOD, you can pause, fast forward, and rewind the stream.

3. Twitch Rewind Extension

Twitch DVR Player is another great option to replay and enjoy the moments you missed while watching the streaming. 

This plugin does not automatically switch to the live feed and lets you pause the live streaming. It will only hop on to the live broadcast if you pause it.

Setting up

  1. First, You have to add the “Twitch DVR player” extension to your browser.
  2. To do so, Open the Chrome Web Store and search the Twitch DVR player.
  1. Once the download page has loaded, click “add to Google/Opera.”
  1. When done, Fire up the Twitch DVR player and watch your favorite streams without boundaries.

With the Twitch DVR player working in the background, your streams will now have a new-looking media control bar allowing you to rewind your live streams as much as you want.

4. Downloading VODs

When rewinding and watching streams again, the safest option is generally to download a VOD. Because after a certain amount of time, Twitch expires those videos. This restricts you from being able to access any streaming VODs after a limited period.

Additionally, downloading such streams will offer you the edge if you want to view your favorite streams when the internet isn’t working.

Using VOD clips to promote your channel on social media may be highly beneficial as a content creator. You can use that to tailor your marketing message to the video and use it to attract new members to your community.

As a streamer, You can download it using various online tools with just the video link. This implies that viewers will be able to download Twitch channel videos as well.

Here is a list of some free twitch video downloading tools:

  1. Streamlink

If you enjoy watching streamers that provide high-quality content, you can use Streamlink to download their high-resolution VODs. Not only does it support Windows, but it also supports Mac.

  1. Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is a regularly updated downloading tool on GitHub. All you need after installing this application is the VOD URL. After that, the video can be found using the search options allowing you to download it.


Twitch doesn’t have a feature for their viewers to rewind a live stream, which could be a big drawback for Twitch viewers wanting to recapture funny and wholesome moments. 

After going through our detailed article, finding an alternative to rewinding your favorite moments should be pretty easy now. Granting you absolute authority over what you view.

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