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Best Budget Microphone for Streaming

Besides using high-resolution cameras to upsell your streaming channel, the clarity of your voice and sounds is also important. Unfortunately, most streamers overlook sound quality as a significant aspect of their stream session because there are other important aspects.

A quality microphone as one of your streaming gadgets produces good and crisp sound quality. Therefore, using a good microphone makes communication easier for your streams and aid efficient communication with your audience.

But getting the best microphone for your stream doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. There are tons of budget-friendly microphones out there you can purchase to ensure your audience enjoys your streams. I have compiled a list of budget-friendly microphones with excellent qualities you should consider buying for your streams.

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7 Best Budget Microphones for Streaming

There are tons of cheap microphones, but are they good enough for your stream? So whether you are a streaming beginner or professional, you need quality yet cheap microphone. Here is my list of less expensive microphones that will provide decent sound quality to your streams.

1. HyperX SoloCast


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid polar pattern
  • Frequency pattern: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Pop filter: Absent
  • Tap-to-mute sensor and LED indicator
  • Flexible adjustable stand
  • Compatible with multiple devices and streaming software


Simple plug-and-play

You can easily adjust the microphone stand to suit your streaming desk setup

High-fidelity sound almost like the QuadCast version


Limited features

USB cables are not durable

The HyperX SoloCast is a superb microphone that delivers high-fidelity and crisp sound. It is best for content streamers, video editors, and Twitch gamers.

It’s a simple USB plug-and-play microphone compatible with PS4, PS5, Windows, and Mac PC. It has a tap-to-mute sensor at the top with an LED indicator. This sensor helps you start and mute the microphone by tapping, and the LED shows whether you are broadcasting or not.

The HyperX SoloCast is a cardioid microphone with a flexible, adjustable stand. You can easily position the stand to support different setup styles. In addition, the boom arm fits 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threaded setups, making it compatible with most mic stands and boom arms.

2. Razer Seiren Mini


  • Polar pattern: Ultra-precise super-cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Mode of connection: USB
  • Professional-grade recording quality with 14mm condenser capsule
  • Ultra-compact and portable design
  • Heavy-duty tilting stand
  • Built-in shock mount


Compact design to fit a small streaming desk

It produces high-fidelity professional sound

A built-in shock mount reduces vibration

Compatible with a 5/8-inch threaded mic stand

Screens out background noise

Detachable stand


No headphone input jack

Software compatible with Windows PC only

No mute button

The Razer Seiren Mini is a clear definition of compactness with clarity made for minimalists who have smaller setups. It’s a compact microphone with an ultra-compact condenser perfect for professional-grade sound quality in streaming.

This microphone picks up sound waves with its super-cardioid polar pattern to deliver crisp audio. Because the compact condenser is tuned to a tight pickup angle, it focuses on your voice and screens ambient sound. This screening ensures you don’t broadcast background noise to your audience.

 Also, the simple USB plug-and-play Razer Seiren Mini has its own heavy tilting microphone stand. The stand is stable and perfect in any position you want to place it on your streaming desk. You can also detach it from its stand and mount it on the standard 5/8-inch threaded stand.

In addition, with its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency, this microphone broadcast a clear and crisp production of your natural voice.

The built-in shock mount property is an accolade to the Razer Seiren Mini manufacturer. If accidental knocks or bumps occur, the integrated shock mount reduces the vibration to prevent your audience from hearing the bump.

3. Rode NT USB mini


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid pattern
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Pop filter: Present
  • Mode of connection: USB
  • High-quality condenser capsule
  • Integrated headphone amplifier
  • Zero-latency headphone monitoring
  • Magnetic desk stand
  • 360-degrees mounting style
  • Built-in digital signal processing


It offers pristine sound quality to your audience

Perfect for all streamers

Filters off all background noises

RODE Connect app to connect four Minis for you and your guest

Simple plug-and-play streaming device


It’s too sensitive to ambient sound

The Rode NT USB mini is a compact microphone for entry-level content streamers and gamers. It delivers crystal clear and crisp audio quality to enhance your streaming quality.

This standard microphone has a simple plug-and-play USB to connect directly to your streaming PC. It’s a directional cardioid pattern microphone optimized to pick up sound from its front and screen out ambient sound.

The Rode NT USB mini has a high-quality condenser capsule that provides warmth. It has a built-in pop filter for reducing possible plosives in the microphone. In addition, this Rode has an integrated streaming quality headphone amplifier with high precision and zero latency. Its zero-latency help to remove all distracting echoes from your streams.

This microphone’s advanced feature is its built-in digital signal processing through its RODE Connect software. This software is a digital mixer where you can tweak your sound output, allowing you to connect up to four NT Minis to your streaming PC.

The microphone has a 360-degree swing mount for easy positioning and a unique detachable magnetic desk stand. The magnetic desk stand offers impressive elimination of knocks and bumps. 

4. Blue Snowball


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid and Omnidirectional
  • Frequency response: 40Hz – 18kHz
  • Pop filter: Absent
  • Mode of connection: USB
  • Two-capsule condenser capsule
  • Adjustable mic stand and USB cable
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows PC


Simple plug-and-play USB connectivity

Multiple polar patterns to pick sound in your desired area

Simple setup process without external gear


Users complain of defective USB cable

Some users complain about compatibility with their PC

The Blue Snowball is a little intuitive, high-quality USB microphone compatible with any streaming platform. Moreover, it delivers quality sound to your audience without external gears since it’s a simple plug-and-play device.

This microphone is a multipolar pattern system. It features the cardioid polar pattern to pick up sounds from its front and omnidirectional to pick sounds in all directions during streaming. In addition, it’s equipped with a 2-capsule Blue broadcast design to give detailed, natural, and professional-level sound to upsell your channel.

This retro-looking microphone is compatible with Windows 10 or later and macOS 10.14 or later. With its adjustable desktop stand, you can position it with respect to the sound source to have direct contact.

In addition, you can fine-tune its sound quality with the Blue Sherpa Companion app. You can manage the mic gain, switch polar patterns, and tweak sound on your streaming PC.

5. JLab Audio Talk Go USB Microphone


  • Polar pattern: Omnidirectional and Cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Mode of connection: USB
  • Pop filter: Absent
  • 92kHz/24BIT audio resolution
  • Quick-Mute button
  • 3.5mm Aux headphone jack output to listen
  • A pair of the condenser to produce excellent sound
  • Multiple mounting styles: 5/8-inch mic stand and tripod


It has a headphone output to listen to your sound as you broadcast

Lightweight and portable

It’s good enough for starters

Multiple polar patterns


It might be hard to mount

No gain control with software

When portability meets compactness, it produces the JLab Audio Talk Go USB microphone. This microphone brings quality and affordable sound quality to the streaming world. It features a studio-quality audio resolution of 96kHz/24BIT to produce a decent and crisp sound.

It’s equipped with two polar patterns, cardioid and omnidirectional. This polar pattern allows you to do much with it. Interestingly, with its USB connection mode, you connect to your PC and stream immediately.

The microphone features a 3.5mm Aux input for real-time listening with zero latency with a quick mute button. The quick mute button lets you start and stop broadcasting with one click.

In addition, the JLab Talk Go has an elegant design with blue powder flair with its shiny light wheel. This feature, alongside giving it a good design, the light indicates whether you are using the cardioid or omnidirectional pattern. Hence, the blue color represents the cardioid pattern, green represents omnidirectional, and red indicates the mute button.

To switch between polar patterns, hold the mute button.

6. Audio-Technica AT2020


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Mode of connection: USB or XLR
  • Pop filter: Present
  • Mode of connection: USB or XLR connector
  • Built-in 3.5mm built-in headphone jack with volume control
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac PC
  • Mix control to blend microphone with pre-recorded audio
  • High-output internal headphone amplifier


It has a zero-latency period

Dual connection mode (USB and XLR)

It filters external or background noise

Built-in microphone to hear your sound during streaming

Affordable and durable


Single polar pattern

No dedicated button to adjust the volume or direct settings. You have to do it manually

It would be best if you bought cables and an external mixer for the XLR connector mod

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is one of the cheapest microphones with a mixed-mode connection (USB and XLR). Therefore, it’s a perfect piece for content streamers and gamers, compatible with any streaming platform. However, Audio-Technica provides a cheap XLR microphone against the general high-cost XLR microphones.

It features the cardioid polar pattern that picks sounds only from the front and screens out other sounds from the environment. In addition, it has a high SPL handling and a wide range of voice coverage to provide unmatched sound quality.

Also, the microphone is designed with a custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm to provide extended frequency response and superb transient purposes. In addition, the AT2020 package includes a 5/8-inch and 3/8-inch threaded mic stand.

7. Blue Yeti Nano


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid and Omnidirectional
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Pop filter: Not included
  • Mode of connection: USB
  • Legendary Blue broadcast sound quality
  • Advance Blue VOI!CE to enhance the vocal effect
  • Sample rate up to 48kHz/24BIT
  • Zero-latency headphone output
  • Standard threading and compass boom arm for mounting


Very compact and light

Easy-to-use with its USB plug-and-play

High-fidelity quality sound

Smart knob to adjust the output


Some users complain about the software

The Blue Yeti is a fully-featured budget-friendly microphone for streaming. It’s a premium USB microphone among streamers because of its lightweight, cheap price, yet high quality.

The compact microphone is equipped with the legendary Blue broadcast sound incorporated into its two-condenser capsule. These condensers present your voice as natural as possible and in detail for professional streaming.

It has multiple polar patterns, i.e., Cardioid and Omnidirectional, that give you a pro experience during your streaming session. In addition, it has a headphone output for you to listen to yourself during streaming. Furthermore, the output allows you to monitor your streaming with its no-latency attribute.

This Blue Yeti version has a smart frontal knob you can use to adjust your headphone volume quickly, mute the mic, and switch between polar patterns. However, with the Blue VO!CE software, you can upsell your streaming sound and give your audience enhanced effect, advanced modulation, and HD audio samples.

Interestingly, the Blur Yeti Nano aesthetics fit ant streaming setup and are user-friendly with it simple plug-and-play feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microphones

Can I use my streaming PC’s microphone instead of an external microphone?

NO. Although your streaming device microphone can broadcast, invest in a dedicated device to upsell your streams with quality sound. Even a low-budget external microphone is much better than internal mics.

Which polar pattern is best for live streaming?

Irrespective of your streaming content, consider getting a cardioid or unidirectional mic for your streams. Cardioid microphones pick sound in front of them and ignore others

What mic form is best for streaming?

Any mic form that suits your streaming setup is best for streaming, provided it is of good quality.

The mic form factor is the physical form of a microphone base on shape, size, and layout. Its form also plays a vital role in its functionality. Streaming isn’t a fashion show. The sole reason for using a dedicated microphone is to produce quality sound.


Live streaming your favorite game session or other content is more fun when you can communicate clearly with your audience. Hence, it would be best to have a dedicated microphone to ensure communication. I know choosing a reliable microphone that produces quality sound is tedious. That’s why I create this review guide, consider my recommendations in this list to choose the best budget microphone for your streaming session.

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