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Best Audio Mixer For Streaming

Imagine you are streaming and want to turn down your music without ruining your gaming experience, but apart from switching windows, there’s nothing you can do.

Streaming requires a lot of different equipment to have that crisp audio professional streamers have. That is where an audio mixer comes in clutch.

What Is an Audio Mixer?

An audio mixer divides incoming audio signals while controlling factors like volume level, tone, location, and other dynamics. They are primarily used for recording or broadcasting audio or in a recording studio to adjust different settings.

For streamers, an audio mixer helps adjust volume across multiple inputs and improves the overall quality of their sound. However, choosing a suitable audio mixer can be confusing as there is a lot to look for, such as their types, price, and features.

To save you from that trouble, we researched thoroughly and selected the best audio mixers for streaming. Whether you are looking for a high-end mixer or budget-friendly, this guide will help you choose an audio mixer that meets your streaming needs. 

Why Should You Go for an Audio Mixer?

Mixers are a superb investment for streamers as they allow them to perform everyday tasks with much more convenience. They also give a creator maximum control over their sound quality, which helps provide a better streaming experience.

Additionally, audio mixers provide a smaller and easier way to manage your entire gaming audio experience. From effects, sound levels to microphone adjustments, audio mixers allow you to handle every little aspect of your stream.

How to Choose the Best Audio Mixer for Streaming?

Choosing the best audio mixer for streaming comes down to several factors. From the right type to tuning capabilities, selecting what fits your needs is essential before making the final decision.

  • Analog Vs. Digital Mixer

An analog mixer uses analog electronic devices to operate that has one control per function. On the contrary, a digital mixer offers a wider variety of control functions. From wireless connectivity to hundreds of features, digital mixers are packed with all.

Analog mixers are generally a lot cheaper than their digital counterparts. Moreover, digital mixes can be confusing to learn compared to analog mixers.

  • Number Of Channels

A channel is the audio signal path on an audio mixer. The more channels you have, the more sources you can connect to.

  • Tuning Capabilities 

Make sure your streaming mixer has tuning capabilities. If you need more tuning options for your live streams, look for controllable channels, compression, and EQ.

  • Parts of a Mixer

Mixers come with three input jacks, six output jacks, and five output levels. They also have Preamplifier Gain, where you can change your audio’s compression and EQ. Another separate section for all the cool effects and level faders, plus the option to tweak Auxiliary Send. 

5 Best Audio Mixers For Streaming

1. TC Helicon GoXLR Mixer


  • MIDAS preamp
  • Four channels
  • USB audio mixing
  • XLR microphone
  • 48V phantom power
  • 3.5 mm input



Plenty of customization options

Lightweight and compact



not work with macOS

TC Helicon went all out with their GoXLR, perfect for creating and enhancing any content. A digital mixer and Sound FX board compatible with single or dual PC streaming make it an ideal choice for streamers.

In terms of sound mixing capabilities, the GoXLR gives you the feature of audio mixing in a compact mixer. And the four-channel mixer makes these features more efficient.

The Cough feature is excellent for muting yourself in sudden situations allowing you to mute yourself on the fly. 

Another exciting feature is the Midas Touch, which enables you to increase the overall quality of your sound input, providing a much more professional streaming experience. 

Lastly, the RGB lights are a great way to make your setup look even better. The lighting support also helps program buttons with different colors to set them according to your liking.

The GoXLR provides an immersive streaming experience with clear, compressed, and EQ sound. A price tag of $399 might seem expensive. Still, with numerous customization options and multiple effects, the GoXLR provides everything a streamer needs. 

2. Pyle Professional PMXU63BT


  •  USB, Flash Reader, and MP3 compatibility
  •  Bluetooth wireless streaming
  •  XLR Microphone 
  •  48V Phantom button
  •  4 XLR/TRS combined channels
  •  LED Peak Level indicator
  •  Ultra-musical 3-band EQ across all channels


Six different audio channels

Durable and reliable

Great for streams outside of gaming


Extremely basic 

Fewer customization options 

The Pyle Professional is a 6-Channel Bluetooth Studio Mixer that acts like a portable recording studio. With features like Bluetooth connectivity, a +48V phantom power supply, aux input, and 4 XLR microphone inputs, the Pyle Pro is perfect for geeks looking for a budget audio mixer.

With Pyle, you get features like gain, three EQ adjustments, and volume on channels 1-4. Additionally, it is packed with several cool effects that can be adjusted for each channel individually. 

Pyle doesn’t have much to offer in terms of the overall design. However, considering its budget-friendly price, the simple and sturdy build has everything for professional mixing.

Besides Bluetooth connectivity, it also offers a USB connection making it easier to connect with your computer.

To sum it up, the Pyle Professional  PMXU63BT is an excellent mixer with a lot of capacity, versatility, and superior craftsmanship. It comes at a price tag of $99 and is perfect for those purchasing their first audio mixer.

3. Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Mixer


  • Ten channel inputs 
  • 48V Phantom power for XLR microphones
  • XENYX Mic Preamps
  • 3-band EQ


USB/Audio Interface built-in

Compressors, British EQs

Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor



An analog mixer offers features and options to meet those with more sophisticated needs. The QX1002 provides complete compatibility for streamers using multiple PCs with a three-band EQ and six channels.

The two-mic preamps for multiple XLR microphones provide precise audio reproduction and a dynamic range of 130db. The “one-knob” compressors deliver total dynamic control with 100 presets and other effects.

Equalization levels are controlled by the blue knobs, while the white knobs control gain. The large slider controls the master output, and clipping can be monitored with a convenient LED light system.

The overall aesthetic is minimal, with a simple and well-built body. It comes with a compact and neat design and provides value for money at a price tag of $120. 

4. Yamaha MG10XU USB Audio Mixer


  • 10-Channel Mixing Console
  • 10 Channel Inputs
  • “D-PRE” mic preamps
  • 1-Knob compressors
  • High-grade effects


Great sounding mic preamps

USB, iPhone/iPad-compatible

Built-in effects


Plastic sides

USB cable isn’t included

Yamaha MG10XU is an exceptional piece of device that provides not only the right aesthetics but also top-notch functionality. With fluid controls, robustly built design, and superb sound quality, it’s easily one of the best audio mixers for streaming.

It has ten channel inputs, four of which are XLRs with 48V phantom power supplies to power premium condenser microphones. It also offers a 3-band EQ designed to create deep bass, clear vocals, and a one-knob compressor. 

What makes it a work of art is the small and lightweight build. This makes it perfect for streamers constantly moving to different locations.

To sum it up, the Yamaha MG10XU is easily one of the most powerful audio mixers suitable for all streaming needs. With a USB interface and a ton of cool features, it is a must-have for those wanting to make their streams more professional.

5. RODECaster Pro


  • 4 Broadcast-Quality XLR Mic Inputs,+48V
  • 8 Faders
  • Onboard & USB Multitrack Recording 
  • 8 Programmable Pads for Instant Sound FX 
  • USB Interface for Streaming


Super portable 

High-quality audio broadcasts and recordings

Versatility of inputs, jingles, and controls

Durable, hard-wearing construction



Limited effects

Fewer Features

RodeCaster Pro is exactly what your streaming setup lacks. It not only helps to create awesome-sounding podcasts but also allows streamers to experience superb audio quality. 

It features a huge full-color touchscreen, automatic level adjustment, one-touch tone controls, four studio-quality XLR microphone inputs, four headphone outputs, and four XLR microphone inputs.

The best thing about the RodeCaster Pro is the addition of a color touch screen that is the main control center of the Rodecaster, allowing you to cycle through different menus and settings.

Another built-in feature is the ability to store your files on an SD card to record and save on the go without relying on a PC.

With a USB audio interface, four XLR inputs, phantom power, Bluetooth in and out, and an eight-pad soundboard, it is designed with podcasters and streamers in mind. And the ability to store to an SD card is something not all audio mixers have.


Streaming audio requires a certain level of technical knowledge and equipment to ensure the best sound quality.

Audio mixers are essential for streaming audio, as they allow you to control the levels and balance of each sound source in your stream.

With an audio mixer, you can also add effects such as reverb and echo, which can help to create a more immersive experience for your viewers.

Whether you are streaming music or podcasts, having an audio mixer will help ensure your stream sounds professional and clear.

Audio mixers are essential tools for any musician or sound engineer looking to create high-quality audio recordings.

They allow you to control and manipulate the levels of your audio tracks, allowing you to create a balanced mix that will sound great on any system.

With an audio mixer, you can adjust the levels of each track to achieve the perfect balance between all elements in your recording.

Whether mixing music or creating sound effects, an audio mixer can help you get the most out of your recordings by improving their overall sound quality.

Streamers are always looking for the best sound solutions to create an immersive experience for their viewers. From headsets and microphones to audio mixers, streamers have a wide range of options when it comes to sound equipment.

Headsets are the most popular choice for streamers since they provide excellent sound quality and comfort.

Microphones are also essential, allowing streamers to interact with their viewers more effectively. Audio mixers can help streamers control their streams’ sound levels while allowing them to add effects such as reverb or echo.

No matter what type of sound equipment a streamer chooses, they all have one goal in mind – creating an immersive experience for their viewers. With the right combination of equipment, a streamer can create a unique atmosphere that will keep viewers engaged and coming back for more!


The current market for audio mixers is booming as streamers are everywhere. In cases like these, choosing what’s best for you comes down to your budget and needs. If you have the budget for the expensive ones, then go for it, but if you are starting your streaming career, we suggest going for something budget-friendly. Once you are familiar with audio mixers, there’s always room for improvement, and this article isn’t going anywhere.

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