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Banned Twitch Words List Streamers Should Utterly Avoid at All Cost

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms, with over 140 monthly visitors. What makes twitch different is that it’s a platform where anyone can say whatever they want and sometimes face no consequences.

However, some words or topics might make you get a seasonal holiday or, as Twitch calls it, a ban hammer. This means twitch users aren’t allowed to say racist, sexist or homophobic slurs. On top of that, Twitch has banned using three particular words. 

Usually, first or second-time offenders are given a one-day or one-week-long ban. And for streamers that often spout hate speech and promote related topics, Twitch has more severe consequences, including a permanent ban from the platform.

This article will dive into the banned Twitch words list and some other gated categories that users and streamers should avoid. 

List of Words That Will Get You a Ban on Twitch

Below are the three words people have used to the point that Twitch had to take action against them officially. To avoid a ban, be nice to everyone. Many streamers have a ton of views without being toxic or mean. The three you absolutely can’t say on Twitch are:

  1. Incel

A person who believes they are not sexually attractive to others and is usually angry toward others who are sexually active. Incel is commonly used in twitch chat for men. 

  1. Virgin

One of the most popular negative words on Twitch is Virgin which refers to a person who has never engaged in sexual activity. 

  1. Simp

Men perceived as subservient or attentive to women are referred to as “simps,” a disparaging term, often used in twitch chat to embarrass others or hurt their feelings.

Apart from speech, several other ways can get users banned on Twitch. For instance, specific actions, imagery, or certain practices can also result in harsh punishments.

The Kinds of Speech Not Allowed on Twitch

Now that you are familiar with words that can potentially ruin your entire career, it’s time to dive a little deeper into the topic. Twitch has some pretty definite rules regarding hate speech on the platform. Being familiar with these rules helps users and streamers avoid misuse and helps moderators understand what shouldn’t be left unmoderated. 

Below are the categories of public speech that fall under the Prohibited Section.

  • Threats, promoting violence, or encouraging physical harm against people or groups because of their protected attributes.
  • Discriminatory or prejudicial language based on sex, gender, alignment, or identity.
  • Making fun of someone else’s medical disabilities, whether that would be directly or indirectly.
  • Doxing other streamers or disclosing personal information of a user.
  • Questioning the religious and political beliefs of others.

Using Twitch AutoMod to Automatically Ban Words on Chat

AutoMod is an automatic bot that is included in your channel settings. Its primary function is to block and ban words that are either offensive or demeaning to others in Twitch chat. AutoMod is a great way to protect your channel against toxic and mean users.

To ban a word on Twitch using AutoMod:

  1. Firstly, click on your profile icon on the right-hand top and click on “Creator Dashboard.”
  2. Then select “Settings” from the menu and choose “Moderation.”
  3. Next, you want to go to “Blocked terms and phrases” under “AutoMod Controls.”
  4. Here a box will appear with the option to enter words or phrases you want to ban.
  5. Finally, type the term or phrase you want to be banned and click “Add.”

While AutoMod isn’t perfect, it can positively impact your streams. AutoMod enabled means you don’t have to worry about your chat spreading hate speech. You instantly get alerts when AutoMod catches something against your preferred rules.

It’s a great way to flag questionable content and make your streams more enjoyable.


When it comes to imposing strict rules regarding hate speech, Twitch has a long list of pretty good guidelines. If you are a viewer, try to enjoy your favorite streamer’s content instead of mocking someone who’s already going through a lot. And if you are a streamer, avoid promoting activities that can negatively influence your audience.

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