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Hi, my name is Taylor Parker. Although I have a website about streaming, I myself am not a streamer as you might have thought.

In my free time, I play soccer, hang out with friends at the beach or read a book.

But most of my free time, I deliver headshots in many first-person shooter games, And naturally, I watch streamers from time to time.

I work as an SEO specialist at a website development company, and in my free time, I decided to start my own SEO projects.

This is why I chose these passions and combined them into one aspiring project.

The MasterStreamer! Ta!Ta!Taaaa!…

A little bit about Myself:

I’m 28 years old,

After a trip around the world, I decided to look for my profession.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, I discovered the SEO world and signed up for a course to learn about it.

I did not start SEO developing right after I finished the course, But when Covid-19 was over and done, I looked for a job in the field.

Right when I got the job and started working, I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to sharpen my skills as an SEO developer.

My Vision:

I want to make Masterstreamer the best website for the streaming community and see how far I can push my SEO skills further.

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